Chisago Lakes

Five Small Towns, One Amazing Community

Take a break and explore Chisago Lakes. At the midpoint of the community is Center City, part of the chain of five small towns that make up Chisago Lakes. Nestled along Highway 8, these small towns work together as one community, yet are uniquely their own.

This hillside town marks the transition from lake to land for the community. With its inspiring lake views, historic homes and a long-established business district, the town has much to offer. Water on both sides of Highway 8 ushers travelers into town with welcome arms. Nearly making a ring around the city, the waters of North and South Center Lakes play a prominent role in the town’s persona.

Take a moment and drive up Summit Avenue to see what inspired the first settlers to stake their claim here. Long standing Victorian homes line the street to the east, endless lake views to the west, and on the other side of the hill, the quintessential Lutheran church will appear. And it might look familiar. This is the church where Jack Lemon marries Ann Margaret at the end of the movie Grumpy Old Men.

Venture just outside the town to visit Eichten’s Market and Bistro. Taste the homemade Gouda cheese, behold the massive bison grazing in the pasture, and either eat-in at the market or pick out a basket of goodies for a picnic.

Plan a visit during the last weekend of July and enjoy a traditional small town festival. Community picnic, bingo, street dance and more are built into Center City days. Schedule a visit during Hazelfest, also held in July. Hosted by Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, this outdoor music fest offers a family friendly day for music enthusiasts.

With an in-town fishing pier, well-run restaurants, and an authentic auction house you’ll want to carve out time to discover this town yourself.

Lakes, restaurants and small town charm . . . It’s all Yours to Explore in Chisago Lakes.

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